In old-timey Hollywood westerns, the bad guy was always the one in the black hat. Well, if ya wanna know who the bad guy is in a DC comic book, just look for whoever has the wrong number of eyes. It’s a wonder the DC universe never gave birth to a superhero optometrist because he’d have a ready-to-go rogues gallery. From Validus who first appeared in 1967 as a Legion of Super Heroes villain and has no eyes, to the Teen Titans villain of the 80s, Trigon, who has four. Although, just like Starro (that’s right, he’s a conquering alien starfish who’s name is Starro) and Despero, none of these guys are human. So the case could be made that anything other than 2 eyes doesn’t make ya bad, it just means you weren’t born on terra firma. You’re bad because you have an embarrassing name.
A hold-over from our omnivore days is the love of anything with BBQ sauce on it. And we really needed to give the cheese a rest – after all, we’re hoping to make the transition from veggie to vegan some day. We won’t say “the eyes have it”, but Post Punk Kitchen’s Seitan & Broccoli With Pantry BBQ Sauce sure did deliver the goods. It was pretty quick and easy and we’d love to try the same sauce with just seitan as a stand-in for pulled pork in a sandwich. The only changes we made in the sauce were to leave out the hot sauce and instead of soy sauce, use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. ‘Served it on some mashed sweet potatoes per one of Post Punk’s suggestions.