Hard Traveling Heroes was a series of stories in the early 1970s starring the Green Arrow and Green Lantern. Written by Denny O’Neil with art by Neal Adams, these comic books were some of the first to address real-world issues – racism, political corruption, over population, and drug addiction. Although they were close friends, Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, the outer-space policeman, took the right side of the fence while Green Arrow/Oliver Queen was the left-wing liberal. Many pages simply featured the two men talking in a way that didn’t
sound like people in spandex and masks were known to talk. O’Neil and Adams had to leave behind a lot of superhero conventions in order for readers to take the characters seriously. The creators even made it so personal as to make Green Arrow’s former sidekick Speedy into a heroin addict. (I assure you, his nickname is not played for laughs in the issue.)

To celebrate this Saint Patrick’s Day, Hal & Ollie wanted to serve you up a lucky glass of Green Smoothie. Healthier than your average shamrock shake, this vegan concoction is made with a frozen banana, carrot, spinach, peeled apple, coconut milk, water, and ground flax seed. We love having it for breakfast. It tastes too good to be healthy and the frozen banana makes it cold so that it doesn’t get diluted with ice. It’s not at all chalky like some green smoothies and the flax seed provides protein and omega fatty acids.