Should vegans care what their pets eat? That depends on your reasons for being a vegan. Even then, it’s not black & white. I began a vegan diet for humane reasons. I don’t feel that the lives of animals are ours to take, regardless of the conditions they live in or the manner in which they’re killed. Wow, this is already gettin’ intense – but I’m letting you know my feelings because I think a lot of people, vegan & otherwise, might think that somebody who makes their pet a vegan is being extreme.
Buying any products that are made from animals yields the same result. ‘Doesn’t matter if you eat it, wear it, or feed it to your dog. An animal’s life was unnaturally altered so that item could be produced. There, that’s my take on it. I’ll leave the ethics up to smarter people than I. I do know that it makes me feel good to purchase a genuinely animal-free item whenever I can.
Case in point, we found these vegan doggie treats at Target of all places! (sorry Tarzhay, that came out kinda mean) Vitality is made by Dogswell and claims to help maintain eyes, skin & coat. “Low in fat, No gluten, No added salt.” It’s just sweet potato, flaxseed, vitamin E supplement, and vitamin A acetate. So vegan issues aside, ya gotta love the fact that you know exactly what you’re feeding your four-legged friend. I can attest to the fact that Mr Wallace Bauer is ga-ga for them. Who knew he was so health conscious?
Whom I kidding? He eats cigarette butts if he can.
Ace the Bat-hound, K9, and Krypto are still considering.

So, the truth? No, we don’t typically feed Wally a vegan diet. And I’m conflicted about it. But there’s still some debate over whether or not it’s a proper diet for an animal that’s naturally carnivorous, unlike humans. There’s a point to be made that once we domesticated these animals, the meat-eating thing went out the window. But even if I could make up my mind about that, the availability and cost of animal-free dog food is a problem. I would have to mail-order any of the good ones and they aren’t cheap. There are multiple choices out there: Natural Balance, BioPet Vegan, Vegan Pet, and Humane Choice for example.
This is the second week of Vegan MoFo and hopefully a lot of new readers are finding PWMF. So I’m inviting any input or debate about this. I’ve noticed a lot of you include pics of your cats and dogs, so I’m sure you’ve at least thought about it. Let us know what you think.