Today’s guest post is by the famed supervillain, Dr Doom. The views and opinions expressed by Dr Doom are solely those of his highness and are not the views of PWMF or any of its staff.

Attend to my every word, peasants – it is I, Victor Von Doom! Absolute monarch of Latveria, genius, sorcerer, and arch nemesis of the accursed Fantastic Four. Bah, am I always to be plagued by that accursed quartet? No matter, for on this day Doom is supreme! Let word go out that I am victorious. I lay claim to the prizes that have been awarded to the writer of this meager website during the Vegan Month of Food. Last month, he was one of 614 food lovers to enter a Vegan MoFo contest and was fortunate enough to be randomly selected. But now this bounty is Doom’s! Yes, I have won, uh – tell Doom again what he has won?
A Post Punk Kitchen t-shirt, yes – good. What else?
A Post Punk Kitchen apron, nice. I like the apron. What else?
A cookbook! This is stupendous news! Doom now possesses not one, not two, but 3 icons of incredible power and influence that he has secured from the royal Post
Punk Kitchen larder. Tremble before me and bear witness to my grand personage as I model these… these… Well, the apron is quite nice, like I said, but it doesn’t really fit Doom. Uh, how ’bout the shirt? Well, gonna have a problem walking in that. I mean, Doom’s seen circus tents smaller than that. Alright, let’s just take a look at that cook book, shall we? Hmm. Pies. Great. Does Victor Von Doom strike you as a tyrant of pies? No, really – take a good look at he who stands before you. Metal mask. Weaponized body armor. Flowing emerald cloak and hood. Gauntlets that could turn a piece of coal to diamond. Get the picture? Pies aren’t my scene. *sigh*

Hey, everyone – Jake here again. Don’t pay much attention to his highness. He suffers from seasonal affective disorder. Usually that would lend itself to being a tyrannical despot, but not so much if you work on a vegan food blog. Anyway, let’s celebrate my awesome PPK prize package with some butternut squash soup. This recipe was in the “Whole Food Recipes” cookbook that came with our Vitamix. We changed the heavy cream to soy milk, but I like how it still turned out fairly thick. If you have any non-dairy tips for making it even creamier, please share. If you don’t have a Vitamix, I suspect you could get the same results with a blender or food processor. You’d just have to put it on the stove after it’s all blended – the Vitamix does the heating on its own.

2 cups vegetable broth
1/2 cup (or more, hee-hee!) butternut squash, cooked, peeled
1/4 small onion, peeled
1/4 medium apple, seeded
1/4 tspn nutmeg (uh-oh, see below)
1/4 tspn dried sage
1/4 tspn dried rosemary
1/8 tspn white pepper
1/2 tspn salt
1/4 cup soy milk

Split squash in half vertically and place flesh side down on a lightly greased baking pan. Pierce skin and bake at 350 for 30 mins. It’s recommended that you scoop out the seeds before you bake it, but we goofed and did it afterwards, no problem. Either way, after it’s baked let it cool and scoop out the flesh.
Ya might wanna ease up on the nutmeg – we found the 1/4 tsp a little pronounced. But who knows – maybe yer all about the nutmeg.
Place all ingredients, except the soy milk, into the Vitamix in the order listed above. Select variable 1. Increase the speed quickly to 10, then to high. Blend for 6-7 mins or until heavy steam escapes from the vented lid. Reduce speed to 4 and remove the lid. Add in the soy milk. Blend for another 20 seconds.

A big thank you to Isa Moskowitz at PPK for contributing that very, very cool prize pack during Vegan MoFo. Looks like it’s time to break my pie cherry and get crackin’ on some holiday desserts. Even if I don’t do such a great job on the pies, at least I’ll be lookin’ sharp while I’m in the kitchen!