Raise your hand if you like surprises! Hey, me too – I love being surprised. I’m just not that good at surprising others. My wife’s birthday party was planned as a secret, but it’s kinda difficult to surprise a vegan with a trip to the newest and most talked about vegetarian diner in the Greater Boston area. Veggie Galaxy just opened up in early September and quickly started getting great reviews. It has a diner-style atmosphere and serves breakfast all day. The menu includes all sorts of diner staples and comfort food, V-style. Such an awesome idea! In fact, the “surprise” guests were so eager to try it out, they beat the Flash to dinner time!

The Fastest Man Alive and I ordered the Baked Mac and Laurie had the Opened Face Seitan Sandwich. I liked her’s a little better than my vegan mac n cheese, but that’s probably just because she makes such a great homemade version. Most of our friends are omnivores, but everyone enjoyed what they had and agreed that it’s a great place to go. One meat-eater particularly recommended the Smoked Reuben, made with their grilled house smoked tofu.

Don’t know about you, but I can never understand it when a restaurant doesn’t have good service. It always dampens the mood. So I’m thrilled to report that the wait staff at Veggie Galaxy was so, so awesome. Not just friendly, but genuinely happy that we were there. They were actually excited about the fact that 13 of us were there for a birthday party. Several of them checked in on us regularly (but not in a nuisance kind of way) and we never had to wait for anything. I highly recommend a trip there just for their happy attitude.

Laurie’s birthday cake may have been a surprise, but it’s still what she woulda picked out on her own – Chocolate Peanut Butter. Vegan? You betchya. Outstanding? To say the least!

Thanks to all our guests for coming out to celebrate. Sorry that the Flash had to eat and run before we snapped a group shot. We’ll bring someone who’s a little more patient and doesn’t stand on the table the next time we visit. Which’ll hopefully be really soon!