I decided to break one of my rules on PWMF. Y’see, there are countless sites that share images & stories from around the web. And I realized early on that if I wanted to be that kind of site – posting any online subjects that related to vegan food or action figures & superheroes – then I might as well not include any original material. But these paintings by Doug Bloodworth were too good to pass up! Besides, new year – new rules? We’ll see.
When Chris Durso over at Foodiggity told me about these photo realistic paintings, I was blown away. Plenty of artists have achieved über realistic results in their paintings. But to me, for obvious reasons, the subject matter here is captivating. As someone who went to school for painting, I’m particularly impressed with Bloodworth’s skill as well as his decision to simply paint something that must surely bring him pleasure all on its own, art or not.
The food in the images here is animal-friendly, natch’ (I just know that Spidey is enjoying some almond milk) – but if you want to see the rest, check out Bloodworth’s site Photorealism or The Uniblog.